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A leader in fractional HP motion control offering the    line of absolute control closed loop stepper motors, actuators and network drives, stepper motors, servo motors, brushless motor & drives, fixed speed AC motors and a full line of cooling fans.


aStep Stepper Motors & Actuators Battery-free, mechanical absolute encoder stepper motors, closed loop performance, no hunting or gain tuning, ac or dc input types, wide range of gear types for inertia matching & higher torque, linear & rotary actuators, electromagnetic brake type available
Stepper Motors Alphastep closed loop stepper motors, 2-phase stepper motors, 5-phase stepper motors, geared, encoder and electromagnetic brake options, ac or dc input stepper motor drivers, frame sizes from 0.79 in. (20 mm) up to 3.54 in. (90 mm).
Cooling Fans Axial fans for ventilation and cooling, centrifugal fans / blowers for cooling, drying and high static pressure, cross flow fans for wide uniform airflow, enclosure fans for ventilation and cooling inside a control box, thermostats to automatically turn on and off cooling devices.
Brushless DC Motors & Gear Motors Output power from 15 w (1/50 hp) up to 400 w (1/2 hp), parallel shaft, right-angle shaft and flat hollow shaft gear options, h1 food-grade grease-compatible gear motors available, electromagnetic brake options, ac or dc input drivers.
AC Motors & Gear Motors Constant speed or speed control ac motors available, single-phase or three-phase types, gear and electromagnetic brake options.
Servo Motors A50 w up to 750 w tuning free servo motors, tuning free or hybrid servo motors available, gear and electromagnetic brake options.
Linear Actuators The actuator is very stable when operated, even at low speeds. It also offers smooth acceleration and deceleration operation. Motions can be programmed with multiple stopping points. With a linear actuator using a stepper motor, adjustment of position and speed can be performed easily using data. Setup change is also simple, as you need to do is change the data.
Rotary Actuators 60 mm (2.36 in.) up to 200 mm (7.87 inch.) frame sizes, vertical or horizontal motor mount types, electromagnetic brake options’ ac or dc input drivers
Network Products Simple wiring achieves space saving for wiring and smaller equipment size. transmission distance can be extended making wiring route design easier and enables products to be positioned in appropriate locations. simple wiring achieves a reduction in man-hours for the wiring process and in the cost of wiring. operating status is monitored by product input/output information, alarm, etc. this achieves improved maintainability via the system. simple wiring makes wiring and checking process easier when replacing the product.
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