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LUTZE offers a full spectrum of automation components including a wide range of flexible industrial control and power cable (LUTZE Silflex, Superflex, Superflex Plus, DRIVEFLEX VFD); plastic and metal fittings with metric, PG and NPT threads, a complete line of industrial power supplies, LSC-Wiring System, 24V dc control circuit protection device LOCC-box and LCIS relays.



TK1 – Machine and System Installation Technology Control cables, Electronic cables, Actuator sensor cables, Bus and network cables, Motor, servo and feedback cables, Hook up wires, Acuator sensor interfaces, cable assemblies, EMC accessories.
TK2 - LSC Cabinet Wiring System Effective use of space, Accessible from the front, Systematic flexibility, Perfect climate.
Industrial Automation Switching devices, Signal converters, Power supplies, LOCC Box wiring protections, Monitoring relays, Cable protections, Function modules.
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